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CBTH at GCAGS 2017

Talks and Presentations at the 2017 Fall GCAGS meeting (November 1-3, 2017), held at the Marriott Rivercenter Hotel (101 Bowie St., San Antonio, Texas)

Talk on Friday 11/3:

  • 2:25 pm - Muhammad Nawaz Bugti and Paul Mann - Stratigraphic and Structural Mapping of a Regional 2D Seismic Grid and Modeling of Petroleum Systems, Port Isabel Foldbelt, northwestern Gulf of Mexico

Posters on Thursday 11/2 and Friday 11/3:

  • Beatriz Serrano-Suarez and Paul Mann - Major Subsurface Stratigraphic Units of the Southern Senegal Basin, Northwest Africa
  • Eric Lunn - Gravity Modeling and Seismic Reflection Study of the Barreirinhas and Ceara Basins of Northern Equatorial Brazil to Determine Upper Plate–Lower Plate Origins across the Romanche Fracture Zone and Implications for Hydrocarbon Prospectivity
  • Lucia Torrado - Seismic Characterization of the Upper Cretaceous Submarine Fan System in the Deepwater Foz do Amazonas Basin, Northern Brazil: An analog for Upper Cretaceous Fan Plays on Atlantic Passive Margins
  • Presly Carr and Paul Mann - Compilation of Stratigraphic Thickness, Total Organic Carbon Values, and Source Rock Types Produced by Oceanic Anoxic Events (OAE) 1A, 1B, and 2 on the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Conjugate Margins
  • Andrew Steier - Correlating High-Quality, Upper Jurassic Eolian Sandstone Reservoir Units between the Northeastern U.S. Gulf of Mexico and the Mexican Gulf of Mexico along the Northern Yucatan Margin Using Regional Grids of Seismic Reflection Data
  • Omar Zavala and Paul Mann - Comparison of Tectonic and Subsidence Events of the Demerara (South American) and Guinea (West African) Rifted, Conjugate Margins
  • Pin Lin and Paul Mann - Comparison of Regional, Total Tectonic Subsidence Variations in the eastern Gulf of Mexico Produced during Two-Stage, Mesozoic Basin Opening
  • Emily Stibbe and Paul Mann - Using Subsidence Analysis to Test whether the Eastern USA and Northwestern Africa Conjugate Margins are Upper Plate and Lower Plate Rifted Margins

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