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Phase Information

CBTH — Phase I (September 2005 - August 2008)

CBTH Phase I began on September 1, 2005, and ended on August 31, 2008. The proposal for Phase I is available online (pdf 872 kb).

CBTH — Phase II (September 2008 - August 2011)

CBTH Phase II began September 1, 2008, and ended on August 31, 2011. The proposal for Phase II is available online (pdf 608 kb).

CBTH — Phase III (September 2011 - August 2014)

CBTH Phase III began September 1, 2011 and ended on August 31, 2014. The proposal for Phase III is available online (pdf 475 kb).

CBTH — Phase IV (September 2014 - August 2017)

CBTH Phase IV began on September 1, 2014 and ended on August 31, 2017. The proposal for Phase IV is available online (pdf 3 mb).

CBTH — Phase V (September 2017 - August 2020)

CBTH Phase V began on September 1, 2017 and will end on August 31, 2020. The proposal for Phase V is available online (pdf 3 mb).

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor for Phase V, which includes all data from Phases I - IV, please contact us.


The CBTH proposed study area for Phase V is shown below. This area includes the oil-rich areas of the Mexican and US sectors of the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, and northern South America, as well as the equatorial, conjugate margins of Guyana, Suriname, French Guyana, Brazil along with countries in western and eastern Africa.

Numbers correspond to Phase IV, Year 3 student study areas: 1) M. Kouassi, BS UH, Detrital zircon compilation 2) M. Almatrood, BS UH, GOM well subsidence phases 3) M. Bugti, PhD UH, NW GOM structure, stratigraphy 4) D. Lankford-Bravo, BS UH, Mexican Ridges-Perdido structure 5) R. Ajala, BS UH, Gravity modeling Niger, Mississippi deltas 6) P. Lin, PhD UH, SE GOM basement, structure, stratigraphy 7) A. Gomez, PhD UH, Mexican Ridges-Perdido structure, stratigraphy 8) A. Steier, MS UH, Norphlet reservoirs, N. Yucatan, GOM 9) E. Stibbe, BS UH, Eastern USA-NW Africa conjugate reconstructions 10) A. Escalona, Co-P.I., UiS, Jamaica seeps 11) L.C. Carvajal, PhD, UH, Basin modeling, Colombian basin 12) L. Torrado, PhD, UH, Amazon cone structure, stratigraphy 13) S. Leslie, PhD, UH, Structure, basin modeling, South Caribbean deformed belt 14) A. Escalona, Co-P.I., UiS, Andes flexure modelling 15) J. Blanco, PhD, UH, Structure NW offshore Venezuela 16) S. Martinez, BS, UH, Tectonic geomorphology, Puerto Rico 17) S. Gomez, PhD, UH, Barbados prism structure, stratigraphy 18) O. Zavala, BS, UH, Demerara-NW Africa conjugate reconstructions 19) P. Carr, BS, UH, Compilation of OAE events in well data, NE South America 20) E. Lunn, PhD, UH, Ceara-Barreirinhas basins structure, stratigraphy 21) L. Zhang, BS, UH, Fission track constraints on SE Brazil margin 22) P. Loureiro, PhD UH, Santos-Campos gravity, structure, stratigraphy 23) K. Reuber, PhD, UH, South Atlantic volcanic conjugate margins 24) B. Serrano-Suarez, PhD, NW Africa gravity, structure, stratigraphy 25) J. Kenning, PhD, Namibia stratigraphy, basin modeling 26) M. Copley, BS, Mozambique basin gravity, structure

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