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CBTH at AGU 2017

Abstracts submitted to 2017 Fall AGU meeting (New Orleans, LA, December 11-15, 2017):

  • Paul Mann, Yi-Wei Chen, Jonny Wu, and John Suppe, Tomographic imaging of the Lesser Antilles subducted slab and its significance for estimating the age and amount of eastward motion of the overriding Caribbean plate
  • Andrew Steier and Paul Mann, Extensive gravity sliding of Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous age along the northern Yucatan margin of the Gulf of Mexico
  • Omar Zavala, Comparison of subsidence rates for conjugate margins for the Equatorial and northern South Atlantic Ocean as a first-order constraint on symmetry of underlying, early rift structures
  • Marvin Bacquero, Paul Mann, and Franck Audemard, New geochronology and radiometric age dates improve the definition and continuity of accreted, tectonic terranes of northern Venezuela and the Lesser Antilles
  • Amanda Pasquali, Nawaz Bugti, and Paul Mann, A search for controls on the distribution of natural, submarine oil seeps in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Jack Kenning and Paul Mann, Cretaceous to Recent asymmetrical subsidence of South American and West African conjugate margins

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