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CBTH Research at AAPG Hedberg Meeting 2018

Monday, July 2

  • Paul Mann, Andrew Steier, and Pin Lin - Two-phase Mesozoic opening of the Gulf of Mexico using regional gravity, well, seismic reflection data from both conjugate margins (Oral Presentation; 12:05-12:25)

Tuesday, July 3

  • Rocio Navas, Alejandro Escalona, and R. Ramirez - Tectonic controls and sedimentary evolution of the Gulf of Venezuela (Poster Presentation; all day)
  • Fernando Mazuera, Alejandro Escalona, and M. Schmitz - Lithospheric structure of northwestern Venezuela: implications for the understanding of continental margins evolution (Oral Presentation; 15:15-15:35)
  • Paul Mann, Luis Carlos Carvajal, Javier Sanchez, and Bryan Ott - Crustal structure and evolution of the Nicaraguan Rise from regional gravity, well, and seismic reflection data (Oral Presentation; 16:30-16:55)

Wednesday, July 4

  • Paul Mann, Y.W. Chen, J. Wu, and J. Suppe - Tomographic Imaging of Lesser Antilles Slab; Significance for Estimating the Age and Amount of Eastward Motion of the Overriding Caribbean Plate (Oral Presentation; 10:35-10:55)

Thursday, July 5

  • Paul Mann, Shenelle Gomez, and Tricia Alvarez - Integrated tectonic evolution of the Aves remnant arc, Lesser Antilles active volcanic arc, Tobago forearc, and Barbados accretionary prism of the southeastern Caribbean (Oral Presentation; 09:55-10:15)
  • Andres Cedeño, Sverre Ohm, and Alejandro Escalona - Barbados Petroleum and its role in understanding source rock distribution in the southern Caribbean region (Oral Presentation; 11:40-15:00)

Click here for a full schedule of presentations at this conference.

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