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  • Apply to Test MARGINS Mini-Lessons in Your Classroom

    The GeoPRISMS-hosted MARGINS Mini-Lesson Project (a.k.a., "Bringing NSF MARGINS Continental Margins Research Into the Undergraduate Curriculum") has developed a suite of mini-lessons designed to integrate the successful decade of NSF MARGINS research into the undergraduate geoscience curricula. As with the MARGINS Program, the mini-lessons are organized around four initiatives, focused on the following science topics: chemical cycling in subduction zones (SubFac), seismogenic zone processes at subduction zones (SEIZE), rupturing continental lithosphere (RCL), and source to sink sediment cycling at continental margins (S2S). MARGINS research provided critical new observations and insights into the fundamental geologic processes along continental margins, enabling data rich learning opportunities for upper-level undergraduate students.

    We invite you to apply to test one or more of the MARGINS mini-lessons in your classroom - this semester or next. For more information about the project and in-class field testing, to browse the collection of mini-lessons, and to express your interest in joining the effort, please visit the following site:


    Further questions and inquiries should be directed to Juli Morgan, MARGINS Mini-Lesson Project Lead .

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