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Product Samples

The CBTH team is also available:

  • to teach shortcourses for multiple or single companies
  • to lead field trips for multiple or single companies
  • for consulting services
  • for single company visits

GIS Module

This is a sample of the information available from Phase I of the CBTH Project.  Our Sponsors enjoy an interactive database that uses a web mapping application and direct download of ArcGIS files.   Please click on the red seismic line in the box to the right to view its interpreted data.

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Sponsor GIS Sample

The GIS compilation is an extensive database that includes seismic lines, wells, stratigraphic columns, and maps.  We've included a sample image from ArcGIS showing the location of a seismic line and its html formatted information.

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Using IVS 3D, we have created short animations relating the topography, bathymetry and other geologic data.  We are able to show this information with georeferenced seismic lines and other GIS information.  In cooperation with the UTIG PLATES project, we are also able to produce plate reconstruction animations.

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UH & UIS Publications

We will facilitate access for the sponsors to the latest publications for the region including conference presentations, theses and dissertations by UH & UiS scientists and students.  We will also make available preprints of papers and internal reports, as well as previous theses, dissertations, and publications from CBTH work at the University of Texas.

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Newsletters and Updates

As research is conducted in the study area, we keep our information up-to-date.  Sponsors receive a regular newsletter and any special updates regarding the study area.

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